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OurWorldRp Development/Manager
OurWorldRp Development/Manager

Welcome To OurWorldRp
How to Register?
Make an account on the forums then, then apply to become a memeber of OurWorldRp and once accepted you will be able to load the client and make an account In-Game.

Why do we have to apply to play?
This way we can see who is actually into Rping and who isn't into Rping,creating a closed community.

Hotel Rules
Respect staff and other players
Do not hack
Do not abuse CFH (Meaning when you use it leave a description don't just say "help" because that will result in a 2 hour ban.
If someone is in need of help help them or direct them to a staff memeber
Do not bugg staff about your "Staff Application" we will get to it when we can and if you continue with it you will get a 2 hour ban
Have fun...

RP Rules
If your going to RP you must have an RP name Ex: Marcus-Albus
If caught not Rping on your Rp account you will be ban


Must have an Rp name on Hotel.
Must know the meaning of Rp.
Must Rp when on hotel.
Must apply to play.

Nice,Neat Organized Catalogue w/ Customs
Limited Daily Allownce
Minimum Lagg
Minimum Downtime
Nice Staff
Organized Categories
Summer Clothes
In-Game Aparptments/Condos
In-Game Businesses
In-Game Rp City

Resident Commands
:drink :update :poof
:whosonline :about

Staff Commands
:alert :kick :roomalert
:closeroom :openroom
:ban :credits :invisible
:givebadge :takebadge
:ha :refresh :teleport
:unban :takecredits
:voucher :shutup
:unmute :disconnect :wheres

These are all the In-Game commands.

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